Oreokeks ice cream with Eis-Perfecto .

Do you know homemade ice cream that gets rock hard in the freezer? Yes! But that will get you with the Perfecto Ice powder won't happen anymore. With the ice powder Perfecto your ice cream will never be hard as stone again. But that's not all! It also gets a lot creamier. Just like Italian ice cream from the ice cream parlor. The great thing is! It works without chemicals. The ingredients in Perfecto Ice powder are dextrose and glucose both grape sugar variants. Skimmed milk powder depending on the variety and inulin, a natural fiber. But the binding agents, locust bean gum, guar gum and pectin are also included. These are all natural ingredients! However, it depends on the perfect combination. This is in Perfecto Contains ice powder. Together with our delicious ice cream recipes, you can make great ice cream better than from the ice cream parlor.

Advantages of Perfecto Ice powder at a glance

  • Creamy ice cream with a delicate melt.
  • Without artificial preservatives.
  • 100% success guarantee.
  • Fast preparation even without an ice cream machine.
  • Ingredients only, of course, no chemicals.
  • With inulin for a good intestinal flora.

My name is Andreas Thomä! My vision of perfect, homemade ice cream has been driving me for many years. Therefore I can say from my own experience! The way to make a really good Italian ice cream yourself is very tedious and not easy. It takes a lot of time, countless attempts and efforts until it is finally as creamy and tasty as in the ice cream parlor. Making the perfect ice cream doesn't just mean mixing high quality ingredients and freezing them with an ice cream maker. NO! A perfectly creamy ice cream that can be stored in the freezer at temperatures of -18 ° C is not easy.

What counts is the optimal balance between sugar, water, fat and dry matter. In technical terms, this is called the balance sheet. The right balance ensures a perfectly creamy ice cream. Different types of sugar, binders and ingredients have to be used. However, calculating the optimal composition of the ingredients is complex. To say the least, for most it is a book with seven seals.

But that's exactly what I have with me Perfecto created the solution. I have already premixed the optimal combination of ingredients. Here you get: On that Perfecto Ice powder perfectly matched ice cream recipe, sorbet recipes and much more. So that your ice cream finally stays nice and creamy and doesn't get rock hard in the freezer ...