There is a starter set that contains everything you need for the ice cream, sorbets and sherbet »To the starter set«

My recommendation would be that Variegato-Perfecto! With the Variegatos can make great ice marbling. This not only makes your ice cream look even more gorgeous, but also gives it a great fruity and intense note. You can with our Variegato-Perfecto both fruits, fruit purees and fruit juices in Variegatotransform s. Without it, the sauces in the ice would become rock hard. That Variegato-Perfecto do you find " here "

Here are a few examples of recipes where Variegotos are used.
"White chocolate ice cream with blueberry"
»Panna Cotta ice cream with winter plums«
"Cream semolina ice cream with fruits"
»Pancake ice cream with pancakes & blueberries«

Always fill your ice machine between 50% - 60% of the total volume of your machine. The exact amount also depends on the ice machine.

It's best not to be too specific with your search at first, as the search only looks for word matches in the recipe title and tags. For example, if you search for vanilla ice cream and write it together, any variants in which vanilla and ice cream are spelled separately will not be found. Therefore, it is best to first search for keywords such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, choco, nut, hazelnut, etc. The results are a bit more extensive, but you should find what you are looking for. In the second step you can then also the recipe category and co. filter. You can also search for ingredients using the ingredient search. Only the recipes that contain the ingredient you are looking for will be displayed there.

When you make ice cream, leave it in the ice cream maker for as long as possible, I usually have it in there for around 60-70 minutes... Of course only if it still manages to turn it... Otherwise earlier... You can measure the ice cream with a stick thermometer. At best, ice cream should be around – 8°C and sorbet – 9°C. Household ice cream machines often don’t make it. Therefore, your ice cream should be at least as close to -8°C as possible. First loosen everything from the stir back into the total mass in the ice cream container and then everything together into the freezer box... That way it doesn't melt so quickly 😉 Here in my video you can see what I mean 😉

The ice with Perfecto It's not as super soft as the store-bought ice cream you're used to. Bought ice cream from the supermarket has a lot more air content. You buy 2 liters of ice, but you only get 1000 g, so half is air. With Perfecto With 1000 g ice cream mix it becomes about 1,2 L ice cream. So much less air. Depending on the recipe, some are a little softer and others a tad firmer. This is completely normal. In general, I always get my ice cream out of the freezer, open the can and then prepare bowls and the portioner. So the ice stands for 2-3 minutes and can relax a little. I also use a scoop when it's soft and when it's a tad firmer I use an ice cream spoon, which is better. I can recommend this ice cream spoon from our shop.

We'll assume that you haven't weighed yourself or have done something wrong in the recipe.
As a rule, there are always two points where the error comes from.

1. Your freezer is colder than -18 degrees. That's mostly true! Please check how cold it really is. You must not rely on the display in Froster. It is best to measure the ice directly with a stick thermometer, then you can see exactly how cold the Forster is.

2. Your ice cream was taken out of the machine too long (rarely) or too soon. In both variants, the machine cannot generate enough air (impact/overrun) in the ice. The ice remains too compact and becomes firmer. Ideally, the ice should be removed at around – 8.5 degrees. Measure with a stick thermometer. 3. You put too much or too little ice cream in the machine. Then, as in point 2, too little air is worked into the ice and the ice remains too compact and becomes firmer.

Please note the two points above "how much should I put in my ice cream maker?" and "how long does the ice stay in the ice machine?"

Tip: By adding our CremosaPerfecto the ice cream gets a little more impact and volume, making it even easier to portion. In addition, the ice cream becomes creamier, softer to the touch and has a warmer mouthfeel.

In order for an ice cream to be optimal, one factor is that the ice contains a dry matter content of 36% - 40%. So all solids like sugar etc. but also the solid solids in milk like protein and also sugar in milk etc. Normally we have to Perfecto dose an average of 130 g so that it becomes creamy and portionable. But there are different types of ice cream and we come without them Perfecto already to the limit, so that we don't have a lot of air to do enough Perfecto clean up For example, chocolate ice cream contains a lot of chocolate and cocoa. The problem then is, if I can only add 70 g instead of the required 130 g, in order not to come from my parameters of 36% - 40% dry matter content, that it might become too hard. That's where Plus comes into play... It has the same effect at a lower dose 😉

the normal one Vanilla paste (without artificial flavors) and the Premium Vanilla paste. Are as intense as the homemade vanilla paste. The premium vanilla is even more intense. In general, the dosage of the vanilla paste also depends on the taste. One likes it more intensively, the other less. So just feel the vanilla and taste it until it has the intensity you want. For the recipe it doesn't matter whether 15g vanilla paste or 30g is used.

We have the varieties Cremosa Pefecto and Natura Cremosa Perfecto. Both Cremosa act as Emulsifier for ice cream, which improves the texture of ice. They create finer and more even pores in the ice cream, resulting in a little more whip and a creamier texture. The ice cream becomes creamier, softer to the touch and has a warmer mouthfeel. A great improvement can also be felt with water-based sorbets and ice cream. These will be sensational with Cremosa.

As the name suggests, is Natural Cremosa an absolutely natural emulsifier that exclusively for water-based sorbets and ice cream can be used.

the normal Creamy is a kind of paste and is industrially produced from fatty acids, which are usually of vegetable origin. Cremosa is both for milk ice cream and for sorbets and water-based ice. This cremosa is also used by ice cream parlors.

In terms of end results, the Cremosa comes out on top, but Natura Cremosa is 100% natural.

It's very simple, you don't have to change anything in the actual recipe. Simply mix 2 g - 8 g Perfeco-Cremosa together with the other ice cream ingredients as required. We haven't included it in all of our recipes, but you can add it to EACH Use ice to make it even creamier.

Milk ice: 5g - 8g per 1000g ice cream mix
Fruit ice cream / sorbet: 2g - 5g per 1000g ice cream mix

As a rule, 5g is enough for milk ice cream and 4g for fruit ice cream and sorbets per 1000g ice cream mix

Simply 2-6 g ice cream as requiredBindemittel-Perfecto against Perfecto- Swap Natura Cremosa.
As a rule, 4g per 1000g ice cream mix are sufficient for fruit ice cream and sorbets

Yes you can! Cremosa is always optional and does not have to be used. NOTE: If cremosa is used in a recipe with oil, you must also omit the oil. If you don't want to use oil, you can leave it out and still use the cremosa.

To make your water-based ice cream creamier, such as sorbet and fruit ice cream, I recommend ours Perfecto-Cremosa to use. with Perfecto-Cremosa gives your sherbet, water ice and sorbets a better texture. The ice cream becomes creamier, softer to the touch and has a warmer mouthfeel. Likewise, your ice cream gets a little more impact and volume.

A good serve is great, of course, but sometimes it can be too much. Then the mouthfeel of the sorbet is no longer so nice. But the taste can also lose intensity. If this is the case for you, you can add some vegetable oil to your sorbets and sherbets. This reduces the markup. Here, 5g is enough for most people. But you can also use up to 10g. Sometimes you have to experiment a bit here. Because it varies depending on the ice cream maker, your own taste and recipe. If a recipe has too much extra for you, next time you simply add 5 g of oil and see how it turns out. This way you can slowly work your way up to the optimal ratio for you.

Here you just do the math Perfecto Ingredients and sugar together. You count Eis-Perfecto/Sorbet-Perfecto/Perfecto-Plus and sugar together that Perfecto-Binder not. That Perfecto-Binding agent is simply exchanged 1 to 1. In order to then coin that on X, 80-100 g of xylitol is put into the ice and you fill in the difference to the total amount Perfecto-X on.

For example: In the recipe there are 80g of sugar and 130g Perfecto. So 210g together. Then you would, for example, make 90 g of xylitol pure and 120 g Perfecto-X. That adds up to 210 g. But that's just a rough approach, where you have to make sure that the ice cream doesn't get too sweet. So that the ice does not become firm, we need an average of 80-100g xylitol and 100g-130g Perfecto-X. Much more is not allowed in, because otherwise it could be too sweet.

You can do it like this - I would leave out 10g of sugar at the beginning and then 25g of sugar 1 to 1, i.e. 25g Perfecto To deceive. In addition, you can always 1: 1 against sugar Perfecto exchange.

The ice from the ice machine has not yet reached the optimal temperature. When the ice comes out of the ice machine, it is only about -8 ° C. Therefore, the ice cream has to be frozen again in the freezer for about 24 hours. This is completely normal. Even ice cream parlors put the ice cream in a shock freeze again after the machine in order to cool it down to -18°C.

You can also make almost every recipe vegan or lactose-free. You simply swap Eis-Perfecto against Sorbet-Perfecto. At the Perfecto-Plus nothing needs to be adjusted. The milk and cream are simply exchanged for lactose-free milk and cream or plant-based milk and cream alternatives.

The ice cream can melt a little faster like in the ice cream parlor. This is because we optimize the freezing point so that it remains portionable and creamy at -18°C. Ice cream from the ice cream parlor would be rock hard at -18° in our freezer. I therefore recommend that you serve your ice cream in plastic bowls. So it melts much slower than in the ice cream parlor.

If your ice cream is chewy, it's because it wasn't frozen properly in the ice cream maker. And therefore did not get enough surcharge. Overrun is the amount of air incorporated in the ice. The right serve ensures that our ice cream is beautifully creamy and smooth. Without this surcharge, ice cream is just a tough block of ice. To find the error here, please refer to the FAQ points "How much should I put in my ice cream maker?" and "How long does the ice stay in the ice machines?"

Freezing with the hand method: If you don't have an ice cream machine, you have to consider the following: The ice cream recipes are always 1000g. If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can only prepare half of the recipe, i.e. 500g. Just use half as much of all the ingredients. Set your freezer to the highest level for the freezing process. If your freezer has the "Fast Freeze" function or a similar program, activate that as well. Then leave the programs on for about 5 hours after preparation for post-freezing. It is best to place the mix in a metal bowl (plastic can also be used) with a whisk or the beaters of the hand mixer in the freezer and stir the whole thing thoroughly every 30-45 minutes with a hand mixer or whisk, as if you wanted to whip cream. Please also scrape off whatever is sticking to the bowl walls. The whole thing has to be repeated 4-5 times. Then you notice how the mass increases in volume when you hit it. If you have a fluffy mousse, you no longer need to stir and the ice cream can continue to freeze for another 8 hours.
Here is a short video showing how the preparation works without an ice cream maker (the video is about a different ice cream powder, but the principle is the same):

Yes there is.
As a rule of thumb you need about 1000g of ice cream:
130g Eis-Perfecto
15 g Bindemittel-Perfecto
80g sugar
The remaining 775 g was then made up of milk, cream, fruits, etc.

As a rule of thumb you need about 1000g sorbet / fruit ice cream:
150 g Sorbet-Perfecto
18 g Bindemittel-Perfecto
140g sugar
The remaining 692 g was then made up of fruits, water, etc.

In general, a light and storage protected from direct heat is sufficient, even after opening! An exception here is the cremosa paste. These should always be stored in the fridge. After opening, the pastes & Variegatos can be kept for several months if stored correctly, similar to honey or Nutella.

With the Variegatos can be used to make these great ice marblings. A Variegato is a kind of thick sauce that is layered or tumbled into the finished ice cream. This can be fruity or chocolaty, nutty, etc. This will happen when the ice is removed from the ice machine Variegato layered into the ice.

You put some ice in the ice bucket, then you distribute something Variegato and then ice again. If you like, you can swirl it around with a spoon. Here you can find a video about it: video instructions Variegato swirl in

If that's your fruit Variegato is too sweet, you can simply mix in some citric acid before use. Alternatively, lemon juice is also possible, but the quantity is limited here. With too much lemon juice it could Variegato become too liquid. So I recommend citric acid. That's how it loses Variegato some sweetness and you can season it to your liking with the . By the way, you can of course do that with the Variegatos make from our shop.

In Perfecto we don't use chemicals! They are completely normal ingredients that are no longer processed like normal table sugar. The ingredients may sound special, but they aren't. Eg dextrose and glucose both grape sugar variants or skimmed milk powder just dried milk. Then there's inulin, a natural fiber derived from chicory. The binding agents locust bean gum, guar gum, tara gum and pectin are all all natural too. In the sugar free Perfecto-X varieties contain xylitol and erythritol. Of course, they sound very special, but these substances are also present in small quantities in almost every fruit. These sugar substitutes belong to the sugar alcohol family and have no or significantly fewer calories than sugar. They are obtained from corn or birches.

Here again the ingredients are listed in detail:
Eis-Perfecto: Dextrose, inulin, glucose, skimmed milk powder
Perfecto-Plus: Dextrose, fructose, glucose
Perfecto-Minus: Maltodextrin, inulin, glucose
Sorbet-Perfecto: Inulin, glucose, dextrose
Bindemittel-Perfecto: Dextrose, thickener: guar gum, locust bean gum, tara gum, xanthan gum
Variegato-Perfecto: Glucose, dextrose, pectin, locust bean gum
Perfecto-X: Inulin, milk protein, erythritol, xylitol
X-Bindemittel-Perfecto: Erythritol, thickener: guar gum, locust bean gum, tara gum, xanthan gum
X-Variegato-Perfecto: Inulin, erythitol, pectin, locust bean gum

The hoppla cream is not a classic cream, but a cream substitute product. It is also often referred to as Italian cream. Like many cream substitutes, it is based on vegetable fats made with various binding agents, emulsifiers, etc. Nevertheless, the Whoops Cream is not vegan like usual cream substitute products, because it also contains milk protein.

In our ice cream, cream can be exchanged 1 to 1 for oops cream.

The whoops cream has an impact on the ice cream texture and makes the ice cream a little fluffy and airy. Whether that's better or worse is a matter of taste.