My summer ice cream 2021 - mango iced tea ice cream with mint

Let's go into summer with the mango iced tea ice cream with mint! For the summer I am always looking for a great and refreshing ice cream creation that accompanies me throughout the summer. In 2018 it was Earl Gray-Lemon Sorbet with Red Pepper Berries. That was my companion for 2019 Lemon-basil sorbet and last year 2020 that was sensational strawberry-avocado sorbet my long runner.

Ice tea becomes an ice cream

I got the idea from our dear Ramona Facebook ice group came. She posted a mango iced tea with mint on Facebook and it was immediately clear to me that I would make an ice cream out of it. Since I've often used tea in ice cream, it was clear to me that it would be a great ice cream recipe. Of course, a sorbet had to be made out of this, so that it brings the necessary freshness that a summer ice cream needs. Shortly afterwards I started to write a recipe from the mango iced tea variant.

More than just a dream about ice cream

One thing I can say for sure, the ice cream is one of the coolest combinations I've ever eaten. I am really an ice cream lover and also quickly enthusiastic about new combinations. But this ice cream is really incredibly delicious. I have ours again Creamy used in the ice. I generally don't want to miss the added creaminess in any sherbet or sorbet. I could still talk a lot about the bush, but you just have to try it out for yourself. I used mango puree for the recipe. Alternatively, you can also use fresh mango, but it should then also be ripe. By the way, the mango puree will soon be in ours Shop.