Nutella ice cream 2.0 – The ultimate chocolate nut experience

Introduction: Discovering Sweet Temptation

Nutella bread WITH or WITHOUT butter? Opinions are arguing, and there are now literally two “parties” that clearly defend the way they eat their Nutella bread. 😉 And what do we do as ice cream lovers? We'll just leave the discussion and eat a delicious Nutella ice cream that melts in your mouth, or what do you think?

What is Nutella?

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s talk briefly about Nutella. Nutella is a popular chocolate nut cream that has revolutionized breakfast tables since its introduction in the 1960s. For many people it is the tastiest of the many chocolate spreads and has established the name Nutella so much that all chocolate creams are now colloquially referred to as “Nutella”. It's crazy how this name has become established, isn't it? Precisely because of its popularity, this ingredient has already made it into some of our other products Ice cream recipes with Nutella done 🙂

Recipe Development: The Creative Process

Have you ever dipped a spoon into a jar of Nutella and licked it with relish? Do you know the feeling of the velvety cream melting on your tongue? This is exactly the feeling I wanted to bring back with the new Nutella ice cream 2.0. I thought: why not create an ice cream that offers the beloved taste of Nutella in a cool and refreshing form? After some experiments and adjustments to the amounts of ingredients, we created the perfect mixture that I would like to present to you today.

Who is Nutella ice cream 2.0 for? Perfecto suitable?

This ice cream is perfect for all chocolate and nut lovers. It is ideal for family celebrations, children's birthdays or simply as a sweet treat after a long day. The creamy texture and rich flavor also make it an excellent choice for ice cream lovers looking for a luxurious twist on the classic chocolate ice cream.

Preparation: Simple and quick

Just like most of the recipes from our ice cream blog Eis-Perfecto is also this ice cream with them Eis Perfecto Ice cream ingredients prepared very quickly and easily. Optional and for even more creaminess: Add Perfecto-Cremosa added to make the texture even smoother.

Creative variants:

Add a highlight to this already perfect ice cream, for example by adding chocolate chips. You can do this e.g. B. quickly with ours Chocolate ice cream magic for stracciatella and ice cream icing put in the ice. Or top off the ice cream with a homemade sour cherryVariegato according to our Variegato basic recipe or the Movito sour cherryVariegato a subtle marbling and a wonderfully delicious sour counterpart to the creamy sweetness of the Nutella cream.

Try it and let me know how you liked it!