Today I want to share with you a fascinating recipe for a delicious pistachio ice cream. Not only does this ice cream impress with its great taste, but it is also quick and easy to prepare. Join me on a culinary journey of discovery into the world of pistachios and learn how to conjure up this irresistible ice cream recipe yourself.

The centerpiece: homemade pistachio paste

We use a fine pistachio paste for the ice cream. This gives the ice cream an intense and authentic taste. you can these Pistachio paste Use from our shop or make your own. You can find our instructions hereMake nut pastes yourself“to make your own pistachio paste. Pay attention to the quality of the pistachios used, because they are the key to an excellent taste experience.

Green Pistachio Ice Cream: Plant extract for a natural green color

Pistachio paste can have different shades of green depending on the degree of roasting and the original color of the pistachios. Normally, roasting gives pistachios a more brown hue. However, if you prefer an intense green in your ice cream, you can achieve this by using only lightly toasted pistachios. Note, however, that this may affect the flavor of the pistachio paste.

To give the ice cream an attractive green color without affecting the taste, you can add the natural plant extract chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants their gorgeous green color and is often sold as a dietary supplement. With just a few drops of chlorophyll, you can give your pistachio ice cream a vibrant, natural green color without affecting the flavor. This method allows you to create visually appealing pistachio ice cream without compromising on flavor.

The perfect complement: Roasted or caramelized pistachios

To make the pistachio ice cream even more interesting, you can add roasted or caramelized pistachios. This gives the ice cream extra texture and a crunchy note that contrasts perfectly with the creamy base. The roasted pistachios are easy to make yourself. Here you can find the recipe for the caramelized nuts.

Refine your pistachio ice cream with pistachioVariegato

Another way to upgrade the pistachio ice cream is to top it with our PistachioVariegato to refine. This Variegato can be found in our online shop or you can download the recipe "Cream milk nut Variegato basic recipe" in our Ice cream recipes Follow blog to make it yourself. By adding the pistachioVariegatoThis creates an attractive marbling in the ice cream that is not only visually appealing, but also enriches the taste and texture. By the way, on the recipe picture you can see the pistachio ice cream with the pistachioVariegato.

Conclusion on the pistachio ice cream:

All in all, this pistachio ice cream recipe is an absolute must for all pistachio lovers and those who want to become one. The combination of a creamy ice cream base, homemade pistachio paste, crunchy roasted or caramelized pistachios and the optional pistachioVariegato ensures an unforgettable taste experience. Be inspired by this delicious recipe and conjure up a pistachio ice cream yourself that will delight you and your loved ones!