Delicious apple cinnamon muffin ice cream

Do you agree that apple and cinnamon are perfect for this time of year? In any case, I think it fits perfectly into this winter season. The smell alone, which we encounter everywhere on the markets in the cold season, enchants and pampers the senses. My inspiration was that especially in winter we need different types of ice cream, variants that sweeten the cold days. Yes, and with that in mind, while browsing through my ingredients, I got the idea of ​​making an ice cream apple and cinnamon muffin. And of course, as always, I want to share it with you. It combines a delicious apple ice cream with some vanilla and cinnamon and is complemented with delicious airy muffin pieces and an apple pieVariegato.

In order to get a perfect taste here, I chose the madeleine. Why? On the one hand, because they taste great and are available in every supermarket. But also because I didn't want to bake muffins myself. But of course that is also possible. The madeleines are easy to use, muffin like and perfect for the apple cinnamon muffin ice cream. The great thing about it is that the Madeleine cakes are wonderfully soft in ice cream and the character of cakes is retained.

At the end we have our apple pie Variegato slipped into the ice. If you the apple Variegato If you want to do it yourself, you can find one here matching recipe in our Ice Cream Recipes Blog. If you are like me, and it has to be done quickly, then you are welcome to our Apple Cake Variegato access in the shop.

When it comes to ice cream, I have two variants for you.

Once the variant with our Apple pie ice cream paste, which you either have at home, or alternatively you can find the ice cream paste in our shop.

The other variant is to make the base with a delicious fruity apple juice.

No matter which variant you choose, both taste simple and are wonderfully delicious and creamy.

An ideal ice cream for the upcoming cold winter months.