Now there's an apple crumble ice cream. In this cold season, I thought that I would like to make ice cream with apple again. We already have a great one Apple Pie Ice Cream and a Baked apple ice cream. And the thought of apple pie (with sprinkles) brought me back to my childhood. Because when I was a little boy, my parents used to go to my grandma’s house – usually on Sundays – and there was always a delicious yeast apple pie with crumble on the table. This thought inspired me to make ice cream with apple again. That's how I came up with the idea for this Apple Crumble Ice Cream. The ice cream is based on a milk ice cream with applesauce and a little vanilla and a delicious crumbleVariegato.

Not only delicious ice cream, but also crunchy

And in memory of my grandmother, our delicious homemade ice cream is added to the ice cream crumbleVariegato. The ice cream has a super delicious apple flavor and in combination with the butter crumbles it tastes sensationally delicious. You can easily make the butter crumbles in the oven. I used our white chocolate to keep the crumbles nice and crunchy in the ice cream Variegato added. Because we don't want mud in the ice cream, we want crispy, delicious ice cream.

Even more intense apple crumble ice cream

If you want an even more intense apple flavor in your ice cream, I recommend a small shot of ours Apple pie ice cream paste to add. The exact use can be found below in the ingredients and in the preparation. You can do that, but you don't have to. As always, it's a matter of taste.

It works like this too

I got the apple crumble ice cream without those Apple pie ice cream paste made and it tastes so incredibly delicious. Next time, I'll try the apple crumble ice cream with the apple pie ice cream paste.

I am obsessed with this amazing ice cream recipe and so is my family. I hope that I can inspire you too. Try it out and enjoy this great taste experience.

I wish you a lot of fun and joy with this recipe. You may also return to your childhood.