Baileysimo ice cream – an Irish cream dream

I really like the ice cream flavors with the subtle note of liqueur. E.g. that was so far Eggnog ice cream one of my favorites. And now comes the unmistakable taste of Irish Cream!!! Do you like this aroma too much? Then prepare to immerse yourself in the creamy world of our Baileysimo ice cream. This recipe combines the rich, intense taste of the well-known Irish cream liqueur with the refreshing coolness of homemade ice cream, perfect for any season.

History of Irish Cream

Irish Cream is more than just a liqueur; it's a flavor tradition that dates back to the 19th century. This creamy creation, consisting of cream, whiskey and other ingredients, originated in Ireland and has made a name for itself worldwide. Our Baileysimo ice cream paste captures that classic taste and makes it an attainable treat for your home.

What makes Baileysimo ice cream so special?

Our Baileysimo ice cream is not just plain ice cream. It's an experience. By using our specially developed Baileysimo ice cream paste, you can achieve a taste that mimics real Irish cream liqueur without the ice cream becoming too soft or tasting too strongly of alcohol. It's the perfect balance of sweet and creamy, with a touch of luxury.

creative possibilities

  • With our Baileysimo ice cream paste, which brings the authentic Irish cream taste to the ice cream. Delicious flavor variations can be combined.
  • Chocolate chips for an extra chocolaty experience. Here you can have grated chocolate or ours Chocolate ice cream magic use from the shop.
  • Crunchy coffee Variegato: For crunch and a note reminiscent of Irish coffee.
  • homemade fruitvariegato according to our Variegato basic recipe
  • Sour Cherry Variegato as a fruity contrast to the Irish cream aroma - like a delicious cake
  • Enjoy your Baileysimo ice cream plain or garnish it with some fresh cream and a dash of Irish cream for the ultimate enjoyment.

Why should you try our Baileysimo ice cream?

Every spoonful of this ice cream tempts you with Irish flavors while offering a modern, ice-cold treat. It is the perfect combination of culture, taste and innovation.

Quality you can taste

Our ice cream paste is made from high quality ingredients and consistently delivers outstanding results. Whether as a dessert after a festive dinner or as a sweet surprise for your loved ones - with Baileysimo ice cream you show real appreciation.

Let yourself be seduced by the unique combination of creamy Irish cream and refreshing ice cream.