Creamy baked banana ice cream with honey, just like Chinese

Today we have baked banana ice cream with honey. Who does not know it! The delicious baked bananas with honey from the Chinese restaurant. Since I ate these things with my parents as a little boy, I've been addicted to baked bananas. A visit to the Chinese without this dessert is unthinkable. Actually, I'm not exactly a banana fan. Every now and then a banana is ok. If there is ever a banana milk, I don't say no either. But I don't miss any of it. Now and then you can have a banana ice cream with chocolate sauce. But what would life be without the baked bananas with honey from the Chinese. For me it would be a little culinary disaster!

From dessert to ice cream

The idea of ​​making this delicious dessert as ice cream had been going through my head for a few weeks. Now we had some beautiful, really ripe bananas at home and thus the best conditions for the baked banana ice cream with honey to be a success. So I quickly got down to a basic idea for that ice cream recipe to develop. But how should I get the dough properly into the ice cream and that without too much effort?

The ice cream should be made quickly and easily!

To finally keep it simple, I only tried the baked banana and left out the batter. What can I say, it was a precision landing. The baked banana ice cream with honey tastes original like in a Chinese restaurant. To make the whole thing a little more authentic, I have that Honey-Variegato tumbled into the ice. That's how it is Eis Perfecto and an absolutely creamy ice cream treat.