Great ice cream with apple and speculoos

I love anything to do with apple in dessert and ice cream. That's why you can always find different recipes with apples in my ice cream creations. Some great ice cream recipes are already posted. Of Baked apple ice cream and Apple pie ice cream to Apple strudel ice cream, or ours Apple Muffin Ice Cream, there is a lot. Apple always works for me. In keeping with the Christmas season, I was still looking for new recipe ideas. At first I thought of something with pears, but unfortunately they always get lost in the ice because they have such a mild taste. So I ended up back with apples and also came up with the idea of ​​making ice cream from caramelized apples and refining the whole thing with speculoos biscuits.

Creamy and crunchy at the same time

When creating the recipe, I noticed on the internet that there are actually some combinations that combine apples, cream and speculoos, especially with desserts. So I was confident that my idea for the caramel apple ice cream with speculoos would be great ice cream. I like it best when the biscuits or cookies stay nice and crunchy in the ice cream and don't get soggy. So I didn't just put the speculation on hold, but out of it Variegato made. Here you can find it Spekulatius-Variegato Recipe. This way the cookies keep their nice crunch. For me, that's always a highlight on the ice.

It has to be caramelized apples

To give this ice cream a special touch, I sliced ​​the apples thinly and caramelized them with a little butter and sugar before adding them to the ice cream. I seasoned the ice cream with some of our delicious vanilla essence and this resulted in a wonderfully creamy Christmas treat. The ice cream has a fine apple note, which is delicately accompanied by caramel and vanilla. You can also use vanilla paste instead of vanilla essence. You then need about 5 times as much as you would from the vanilla essence, as this is much more intense. Then there is an apple pieVariegato. The Apple Cake-Variegato from our shop or you can do it yourself with ours Apple Cake-Variegato Recepies. Thanks to our Perfecto Ice cream ingredients excellent portioning and is wonderfully creamy. For me, an absolutely successful winter ice cream. I wish you a lot of joy with this new recipe.