Cinnamon ice cream is high season

If you enter the word cinnamon in the search function on our ice cream recipe blog, you will already see some ice cream recipes in which cinnamon is also used as an ingredient. But the combination of cinnamon ice cream and Marsala prunes does not exist yet. It was a need for me at this time of year – when cinnamon is in its peak season – to create a new cinnamon ice cream variant. So I came up with the idea of ​​combining it with Marsala prunes. Because the summer is over, the days are getting shorter and colder and now the time has come for ice cream recipes with cinnamon. Such as speculoos ice cream or gingerbread ice cream, ice cream flavors are popular at this time of year.

A great variant

In this new recipe I have a great variation for you. An aroma mix of cinnamon ice cream with delicious prunes marinated in Marsala. Actually, prunes are a classic that I used to have with pudding or yoghurt as a dessert when I was a child. Or just for snacking. But now I can look forward to the pickled prunes in Marsala wine. And so I made a new creation out of the plums in Marsala and the cinnamon ice cream. The prunes or prunes can also be marinated in Marsala wine for one or two. This great combination tastes delicious and is wonderfully creamy and suitable for the upcoming season. Simply prepare the cinnamon ice cream, cut the plums into small pieces and fold into the finished ice cream.

Even more

The prunes pickled in Marsala also taste great in this Speculaas ice cream recipe. A nice alternative is when the prunes pickled in Marsala are in the Gingerbread ice cream be used. It doesn't matter how you decide whether to use ice cream with cinnamon ice cream with plums pickled in Marsala or the pickled plums in speculoos or gingerbread ice cream. Thanks to our Ice cream powder Perfecto you will always succeed in creating a wonderfully creamy, fruity and very tasty ice cream.

In any case, these ice cream creations are suitable for this time of year.