Ice cream for young and old

Are you into cola like me? If so, this intense cola ice cream is for you. For me, nothing beats an occasional nice ice-cold cola. Then why not make a nice Cola ice cream too. Unfortunately, there is normally the problem that a recipe with real cola quickly becomes too bland in taste. This is simply due to the fact that about 30% air is worked into the ice when making ice. This proportion of air is called a surcharge or overrun. At the same time, however, the cola also loses its taste. But it is precisely this surcharge that is extremely important so that the ice cream gets a nice creaminess and a tender melt. But what do you do?

The cola solution!

Right here comes the Cola ice cream from our Movito shop in the game. This is specially made for use in ice. Since it is a concentrate, we are able to make a nice and intense cola ice cream with it.

Creamy and tasty

The ice cream is wonderfully creamy and tastes great like cola. Everyone will surely recognize this taste again. My youngest daughter (4) is also very much a counselor that we now have such great ice cream at home. I'm sure Cola fans will get their money's worth here. I wish you a lot of fun with my Cola Ice cream recipe.