Creamy, delicious cookie ice cream indulgence

I love cookie ice cream! I've been a total fan of it ever since the ice cream parlor has been around. This delicious biscuit ice cream with the chocolaty nut-nougat pieces is a dream. Especially the crispy biscuits coated with the nut nougt make the ice cream something very special. There used to be no visit to the ice cream parlor without a scoop of cookie ice cream. Most who know it love it. There is nothing better for my children either. The cookie is the undisputed number one in our freezer. A creamy ice cream dream that makes hearts beat faster.

From enjoyment to vocation

I was so crazy about this cookie ice cream that I started making my own ice cream for it alone. There is no ice cream parlor here and we always had to drive 10 kilometers to the next ice cream parlor. So at the beginning I even asked whether you could get a 5 liter container in the ice cream parlor. That was possible, but somehow not the right thing to do either. So I decided to make ice cream myself and the rest is history. Today I make ice cream out of passion and job, but I still love cookies as much as I used to. Thanks to our Ice cream cookie paste and the great Cookie Variegato the ice cream will be at least as tasty as in the ice cream parlor.

For the ice cream you will need:
? ? CookieVariegato
? ? Cookie ice cream from Movito

You can find the ice cream ingredients here »