Franzbrötchen ice cream the Tim Mälzer way: A traditional treat reinterpreted

A friend of mine is absolutely thrilled with Tim Mälzer's Franzbrötchen ice cream, which you can buy in the supermarket! Therefore he asked me to do this Make ice yourself should and about it. Inspired by this ice cream that reinterprets the classic hamburger pastry in frozen form, I set to work to fulfill his request. After a few attempts, I managed to create my own version of this ice cream. Like the original, my recipe contains crunchy Almond brittle according to our recipe, some vanilla paste and delicious pieces of butter shortbread. This is how we give the ice cream the perfect touch and the authentic touch of the original.

The seductive art of baking meets creamy cold

Our Franzbrötchen ice cream is a declaration of love for the famous pastries from the Hanseatic city. The base is a milk and cream ice cream with a hint of vanilla, which we use with ours Premium vanilla paste  incorporate. The real highlight of this ice cream, however, are the toppings: an intense almond brittle with a hint of cinnamon, prepared according to my special recipe, and small pieces of shortbread biscuits rolled in cinnamon. I prepare the almond brittle with additional cinnamon to intensify the flavor. I cut the cookie pieces into bite-sized cubes and dusted them with cinnamon, which gives the ice cream a Christmassy touch.

A hint of caramel in the Franzbrötchen ice cream

To round off the taste experience, I add homemade caramel sauce added that I sometimes through our toffee caramelVariegato from the shop, which I mix with a little cream until smooth. This gives the Franzbrötchen ice cream an additional depth and combines the ingredients into a harmonious unit.

A masterpiece of ice art

The Tim Mälzer style Franzbrötchen ice cream is more than just a dessert; it is a culinary journey that impresses with its complexity and exquisite taste. It is an ice cream that not only tastes good, but also tells stories - about creativity, passion and a touch of magic.