Fudge brownies are the absolute highlight for all chocolate junkies. I am in love juicy brownies. Especially those fudge brownies. Compared to the normal brownies, these are even juicier and literally melt on the tongue like warm chocolate. It is reminiscent of a juicy, soft caramel toffee with lots of chocolate. But one thing is clear, these chocolate dreams are nothing for a slim hip.

The recipe is designed for a complete baking sheet approx. 40 × 40. The brownies are easy to freeze and after thawing for around 30 minutes they are just as tasty as freshly baked.

Of course we like to eat them just like that, but the brownies can also be cut into small pieces and used in ice cream. Here I have, for example, a vanilla ice cream with fudge brownies and a caramel swirl