Creamy and delicious ice cream enjoyment

While looking for new ice cream creations, I came up with the idea for a Hanuta ice cream. I loved Hanuta as a child. That was probably also due to my father. If he ever bought something of sweets, it was next to Ferrero Duplo also always Hanutas. Now that I've grown up myself, these delicious waffles with chocolate and nut filling are rarely found here. I can't say why either, because they taste good, they are still very good.

The Hanuta ice cream idea!

The idea behind the Hanuta ice cream was a slightly chocolaty ice cream base with a hint of hazelnut. So that it goes quickly, I have the ice base with the Chocolate ice cream paste made. But you can also do it with cocoa. Then you have to heat the ice cream mix again to 95 ° C so that the cocoa develops its full aroma. The Hanuta, I did not want to dissolve in the ice base. Because of the waffle and the nut pieces, I didn't find it so ideal. So I decided to do a nice one HanutaVariegato close. The resulting combination of a chocolate nut ice cream with the Variegato turned out to be a great Hanuta ice cream. Thanks to the Perfecto Ice cream ingredients it turned out to be a nice, creamy ice cream with light, crunchy pieces. Great ice cream for me.