"Kinder Bueno" ice cream only for children?

I think you adults will be amazed too. As you probably know, we already have aKinder Bueno” ice cream posted here in the recipe blog. This is done with children Buenos. The downside is that the pureed waffles inside aren't ideal for the ice cream texture. The ice cream is good, it tastes really delicious, but I thought there was something else that could be done to optimize the ice cream like "Kinder Bueno". For this recipe, I have a base similar to ours Hazelnut milk cream ice cream used. You can make the hazelnut paste yourself or use ours Hazelnut paste back from the shop. I have the Hazelnut paste taken out of the shop because it's made from Piedmont hazelnuts and has a really great aroma. To give it a real milk cream touch, I have ours white chocolate ice cream paste taken to. When preparing it not only looks good, but it smells really delicious and makes you want more.

The special kick at the end

Ours will come at a later date waffle no Variegato into the ice. Of course you can also have the waffle Variegato make it yourself. You can use this as a basis Cookie Variegato Take the recipe and instead of cookies you use chopped up Neapolitan waffles. No matter how you decide - you get a super delicious ice cream. The ice cream tastes so wonderfully creamy and tastes like the original "Kinder Bueno". And through the ones in the waffellino Variegato The contained waffles give it a light waffle feeling with a slight crunch and a crisp bite.

Well, fancy this delicious crispy ice cream?

I can only recommend you to imitate it. It is very easy to make and not only the little ones will be delighted, but also the big ones will definitely have a lot of fun with this delicious, creamy and crunchy ice cream like "Kinder Bueno".

How it goes? Just look further down in the preparation and the ingredients are also given there.

Super delicious ice cream for young and old.