Macadamia the queen of nuts

We have some nut ice cream recipes in our portal, but no ice cream with macadamia nuts yet. And since the macadamia nut is a queen, it also had to find its place here. Since I think that a delicious nut ice cream is always possible, I had the idea of ​​making a nut ice cream with macadamia nuts. I really like the macadamia nuts because they are so fine and velvety in consistency and just taste delicious. Well then, let's make a delicious macadamia ice cream and as a top - combined with salt caramel. But that's not enough, to perfect the whole thing, I also added caramelized macadamias to ice cream.

In this recipe, the macadamia paste is homemade. To do this, the macadamia nuts are lightly roasted in the oven until they get a fine brownish note. Please be careful here that the roasted macadamia nuts do not turn too brown, otherwise they will have an intense taste. So a slightly yellow-brownish color is completely sufficient. After the nuts have cooled, they are ground. You can find the recipe here Make nut pastes yourself.

The special kick with salted caramel

To spice up the macadamia ice cream even more, I combined it with salted caramel. This combination makes the macadamia ice cream a macadamia ice cream with salted caramel. You can also make the salted caramel yourself. You can find the recipe for ours here cream caramel. If you don't feel like making the salted caramel yourself, I can do ours for you Toffee caramel Variegato recommend. The caramel or that Variegato is seasoned with a little salt at the end and then later struded into the ice cream.

A nut ice cream without nuts - doesn't work for me. So I also added caramelized macadamias to the ice cream. You can find the recipe here Caramelized Nuts. The overall combination of macadamia ice cream with salted caramel is super delicious, an ice cream with an intense taste of nuts and caramel that is second to none.