For my dear wife a delicious marzipan bread ice cream

My dear darling is totally into marzipan bread. And so I thought, I'll create an ice cream for my darling. Of course I would like to share the recipe with you so that you can also try this delicious marzipan bread ice cream. Maybe you have a loved one who really likes marzipan bread? I definitely managed to surprise my wife. Because now is the time when these Christmas treats taste wonderful and make our lives a little sweeter. So the marzipan bread ice cream fits exactly into this time.

A great combination

Also with this one ice cream recipe I have spread 2 different variations. Once with the delicious Marzipan ice cream paste from the Movito Ice cream ingredients shop and on the other hand with normal marzipan. For the ice cream I made a combination of a marzipan ice cream and chocolate and created a really delicious creamy ice cream. For this I first made a wonderful marzipan ice cream. I combined the whole thing with a delicious crunchy chocolate and finally the chocolate is layered alternately in the ice box, similar to how you do it from the Variegatos already know.

The chocolate trick

I use a special trick with the chocolate, namely I combine the chocolate with coconut oil for the ice cream, so that a really good crack in the marzipan bread ice cream is created. Of course you can also simply use chopped chocolate or use chocolate chips. Here you can find the recipe for the chocolate chips However, I personally think that layers of chocolate go great here. Not only does it look good, but the layers give you nice big crunchy chocolate chips, which give the marzipan bread ice cream a really delicious taste experience. With this ice cream you have a wonderfully creamy ice cream for your dessert.