Whole milk chocolate ice cream 2.0: The ultimate indulgence for chocolate fans

Have you ever seen our Chocolate Intense Ice Cream tried? Then you'll definitely love these intense chocolate varieties. What works with dark chocolate in Chocolate Intense works just as well with whole milk - today we have something for chocolate lovers that you absolutely have to try: Whole milk chocolate ice cream 2.0.

Do you know the feeling when you bite into a piece of high-quality chocolate and the taste slowly unfolds on your tongue? That's exactly how you'll feel when you try this ice cream. Real chocolate lovers will love this ice cream!!!!

Why milk chocolate from our shop?

You can use milk chocolate coating, but in this recipe we recommend milk chocolate directly from our Movito shop. Our Whole milk chocolate, 34% from Italy, is known for its creaminess and deep, rich flavor.

The special extra: Crema milk chocolate Variegato

What is better than a real chocolate ice cream? Of course, a chocolate ice cream with a chocolate extra 🙂 Here comes our Cream milk chocolate Variegato into the game, which you can either purchase ready-made from our shop or after our Cream chocolate Variegato basic recipe Between the layers of our creamy chocolate ice cream, the Variegato for additional, even more intense chocolate flavor. When it comes to chocolate, we say: more is more! Or what do you think?

Who is this ice cream suitable for?

I'm more wondering who this ice cream is NOT suitable for... Everyone loves chocolate ice cream, right? Whether you're a chocolate lover or looking for a little break from everyday life, our milk chocolate ice cream 2.0 is suitable for everyone. Children and adults alike will love this deep, satisfying taste.

Simple and accessible: The preparation

The preparation of our milk chocolate ice cream is very simple. With a base of our Eis-Perfecto Products that are known for their easy processing and professional results, you can easily make this ice cream yourself without any prior knowledge. When the ice cream comes out of the machine, we add the chocolateVariegato under.

Quality you can taste

Every ingredient in our Milk Chocolate Ice Cream 2.0 has been carefully selected to ensure that your ice cream not only tastes incredible but also meets the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on offering products that are not only delicious but also trustworthy.

Rediscover chocolate

Our milk chocolate ice cream 2.0 invites you to experience chocolate in a completely new form - creamy, intense and surprising. Immerse yourself in the world of premium chocolate and let every spoonful become a feast for the senses. I personally think you won't want to eat any other milk chocolate ice cream after this.

Combination ideas

Combine your new ice cream with a scoop of our White chocolate ice cream, and the Dark chocolate ice cream and top it off with our Chocolate sauce from the recipe database or an ice cream glaze made with our Chocolate ice cream magic from the store.

Instead of Crema Milk Chocolate VariegatoYou could also add a splash of colour to the White chocolate Variegato use.


It's high time to try this new ice cream creation. Order the ingredients now directly from our Movito shop and transform your kitchen into a real ice cream factory. We promise you, this ice cream will not only conquer your palate, but also your heart!

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