Today I present you a delicious ice cream recipe that is both creamy and fruity: a velvety milk cream ice cream with red fruit jelly. Let's dive together into the world of milk cream and fruity red fruit jelly and discover this delicious ice cream recipe.

Creamy milk cream base

The basis of this ice cream recipe is a fine milk cream base, which becomes particularly creamy thanks to a higher proportion of cream and the use of sweetened condensed milk. To give the milk cream ice cream a special touch, I have ours Stracciatella ice cream paste used. This paste gives the base an even more intense milk cream taste. Alternatively, you can use something with our vanilla essence or vanilla paste, but be careful there vanilla essence can be very intense.

The special stracciatella note

The use of our stracciatella ice cream paste makes this milk cream ice cream something very special. The paste gives the ice cream a fine milky note that blends harmoniously with the creamy taste. The result is an ice cream that is both milky-sweet and goes great with the fruity red jelly Variegato. A combination that is simply irresistible.

Fruity note of red fruit jelly

To enrich the ice cream with a fruity component, I have ours Red fruit jelly Variegato added. You can either do the ready Variegato use from our shop or with our Red fruit jelly-Variegato-Recipe self made. The fruity red fruit jelly harmonises perfectly with the creamy milk cream base and ensures a unique taste that will delight all ice cream lovers.

A variation for every taste

There are numerous options for anyone who would like to personalize the milk cream ice cream with red fruit jelly even further. For example, you can add additional Chocolate chips add to add variety to the ice cream. Or you experiment with different ones Variegatos to discover new flavor combinations.

Conclusion on milk cream ice cream with red fruit jelly

All in all, this milk cream ice cream with red fruit jelly is a real taste highlight for all ice cream lovers. The combination of creamy milk cream base, fruity red fruit jellyVariegato, the use of stracciatella ice cream paste or vanilla ensures an unforgettable taste experience that you should definitely try. Be inspired by this tempting recipe and conjure up a delicious milk cream ice cream with red fruit jelly that will delight you and your loved ones!