Nougat-Variegato Basic recipe: Easy to prepare

Our nougatVariegato The basic recipe is super easy to make and super versatile. To the nougatVariegato to make, we mix our white chocolateVariegato with cocoa and hazelnut paste. The result is a super delicious nougatVariegato, which goes perfectly with many ice cream creations. The creamy mixture not only gives your ice cream an ingenious nougat taste, but also has a great texture that melts in your mouth. The preparation is totally easy. Depending on the amount of cocoa and hazelnut paste, you can make the nougat taste milder or more intense.

Delicious Variegatos with many possible combinations

The nougat Variegato The basic recipe is ideal for creative ice cream creations where nougat is the focus. Try different toppings. You can do that Variegato For example, spice it up with crunchy extras such as pieces of nuts, biscuit crumbs or waffle pieces. Especially biscuits or waffles go great with the creamy one Variegato and give the ice cream a special texture and a delicious crunch. Because through that Variegato these crunchy extras remain nice and crunchy in the ice cream and don't lose their bite. With our nougatVariegato and your imagination knows no bounds when it comes to ice cream creativity. Prepare your loved ones and yourself a special ice cream treat and surprise them with the many possibilities that our nougatVariegato offers. Let yourself be inspired by the simple preparation and the tempting results and make your ice cream kitchen a hotspot for nougat lovers.

Here are some recipe tips

But that's not all, I have a few tips on what to use the nougat for Variegato Feel free to use the basic recipe! Of course, it also tastes great pure in ice cream, but feel free to change it up. A really genius option is to add cookies to make a delicious cookieVariegato to conjure. This cookieVariegato is perfect as a Variegato for our hip cookie ice cream, which is very well received by young and old. The combination of our nougatVariegatos with waffle pieces is also a great idea for a great BuenoVariegato to create. If you do that to our Hazelnut milk cream ice cream give, an irresistible according to Art Bueno ice cream, reminiscent of the popular candy bar. The crispy waffle pieces give the ice cream an additional texture and an extra crispy crunch that ice cream fans will love. Let your imagination run wild and discover the endless possibilities that our nougatVariegato offers.