Oleo ice cream: A creamy dream dessert for all cookie lovers

Are you a fan of the popular dark, chocolatey cookies with sweet milk cream filling? Then I have just the thing for you: our new Oleo ice cream! Inspired by one of the world's most popular cookies, this ice cream brings the unmistakable taste of this delicious treat into an ice-cold, creamy form.

The basis: perfect cream ice cream with oleo ice cream paste

We start with our proven basis from the Eis-Perfecto-Ingredients, for which we have specially developed our Oleo ice cream paste add. This paste perfectly captures the characteristic taste of the popular biscuit - a harmonious mix of rich biscuit flavor and sweet cream filling.

The taste: A chocolaty delight

Every spoonful of our Oleo ice cream promises an intense taste experience. Imagine how the chocolaty taste harmonizes with the sweet cream and creates a taste explosion in your mouth. It's like the first bite of a freshly opened cookie - only cooler and more refreshing!

Perfect for any occasion

Whether as a dessert after a summer barbecue or as a sweet reward after a long day - our Oleo ice cream is perfect for every occasion. It can be perfectly combined with various toppings. Of course, I immediately think of the right one OreoVariegato from our ice cream blog, but also an extra portion of chocolate sauce, ours Chocolate ice cream magic or a few fresh fruits or a delicious one fruitvariegato e.g. B. can be combined very well with this. Let your creativity run wild and create your perfect ice cream dessert.

Conclusion: A must for those with a sweet tooth

Our Oleo ice cream is not just a candy, but a full-flavored dessert that brings the beloved taste of a classic cookie into ice cream form. If you are looking for a new, exciting ice cream flavor that will delight you and your loved ones, then this ice cream is the right choice. Try it out and let yourself be seduced by this unique creamy delight!