Delicious ice cream for the Christmas season

I'm a big fan of the Italian panettone cake at Christmas time. I actually like it better than our local Christmas stollen. In general, I prefer airy, fluffy yeast pastries anyway. When I have the choice between a regular cake and a yeast crumble, the yeast crumble always wins. Actually, this year I wanted to try to make the Christstollen ice cream. But I got some super delicious home-baked panettone from a small Italian cafe and pastry shop. They were so good that I immediately had the idea for this panettone ice cream.

Everything in ice cream that is in panettone

The recipe idea was quickly put together. It was clear that to get the taste of a real panettone in the ice cream, you have to go for this one Ice cream recipe of course, the original ingredients into the ice cream. In my panettone ice cream you will find the classic ingredients such as orange peel, lemon peel, Vanilla paste, pickled raisins as well as orange peel and lemon peel. Last but not least, panettone pieces soaked in sugar syrup are added to the finished ice cream. Sugar syrup is made quickly. Simply boil water and sugar 1:1 for 5-6. Then just let it cool down and you can use it. The panettone soaked in sugar syrup later stays nice and juicy in the ice cream. You can also later put the panettone pieces in the ice cream without sugar syrup, but my recommendation is to always soak them in sugar syrup.

All around great ice cream

All in all, this panettone ice cream is a really original ice cream treat that will enchant you and your guests. It can be portioned very well and is all about a great ice cream that asks for. Perfecto for the cold winter days. This combination of creamy ice cream and fine pieces of cake is really wonderful and very tasty. A great ice cream that will certainly make an impression as a dessert on Christmas days.