Delicious autumn and winter ice cream

Now there is pear and sour cream ice cream! The nice thing about ice cream is that we can tailor our ice cream recipes to suit the season. So today I made a great pear and sour cream ice cream with caramel for you. I have to admit, this is the first pear ice creamI've ever made myself. I like it very much in terms of taste. The combination with a little vanilla, a hint of cinnamon and the caramel go wonderfully with the delicate pear note and the sour cream.

Refined pear and sour cream ice cream

In order to preserve the fundamentally beautiful light color of the ice cream, but also to set visual accents, I opted for a caramel cream as Variegato decided. In terms of taste, it fits perfectly. With this pear and sour cream ice cream, you have it as if you were from one Variegato usual the beautiful marbling. At the same time, however, sometimes more and sometimes less intensity of the caramel. I opted for the quick, ready-made caramel cream variant with our Caramel-Variegato from our Ice cream ingredients Shop decided. You can, of course you can too Cream caramel cream make your own from our recipes.

All in all, a really great pear and sour cream ice cream. I wish you a lot of fun after Eiseln.