Peppermint ice cream with delicately melting chocolate pieces

When we think of peppermint ice cream, the thought of delicious after-eight tablets, peppermint candies, peppermint tea or chewing gum usually comes to mind. Peppermint is popular with many lovers. The freshness in the taste is simply something very tasty and also fits perfectly into the ice cream. Personally, I like the combination with chocolate best. That always reminds me of after-eight. That's why I also included chocolate chips in this ice cream recipe. The ice cream can of course also be made without chocolate.

Chocolate chips a little changed

For this recipe I have our classic ones Chocolate chips slightly modified. This gives the chocolate chips a more tender crack and melts a little faster on the tongue. I used our classic recipe for this, but mixed the melted chocolate with tasteless coconut oil. I used 85% dark chocolate and 15% coconut oil mixed it into the melted chocolate. The rest of the preparation remains the same.

Very creamy and delicious peppermint ice cream

This peppermint ice cream recipe has thanks to our Peppermint ice cream paste from moveto a light green color. I like that very much, because it is well known that the eyes eat with them. The taste of the ice cream comes exclusively from a fine and natural peppermint extract. The peppermint note is very pleasant and not biting. All in all, a really great and creamy ice cream.