Popcorn ice cream: cinema feeling in an ice cream sundae

Our popcorn ice cream is definitely something for you if you like ours Marshmallow ice cream has already taken you back to childhood. Imagine the anticipation of going to the cinema meeting the freshness of perfectly prepared ice cream. This is exactly the experience you get when you do this Make ice yourself want - a delicious homage to the golden yellow, crackling grains that make every movie night unforgettable. We all loved that as children, right?

Taste that tells stories

Together with the “usual ingredients” we use our Eis-Perfecto, the fine Bindemittel-Perfecto as well as the strong character Popcorn ICE PASTE-Movito. Our carefully balanced recipe, consisting of the conjures up a creamy ice cream that focuses on the popular cinema treat. A pinch of salt brings out the sweet notes and optionally a little Perfecto-Cremosa for additional smoothness and fullness.

A spoon full of memories

With every spoonful of our popcorn ice cream, you will immerse yourself in memories of exciting film adventures. The authentic popcorn note, surrounded by the creaminess of the ice cream, creates a taste experience that is new and nostalgic at the same time.

The perfect dessert for film fans

This ice cream is perfect for those moments when we are looking for the tingle of a good story and the relaxation of a cozy evening. It's a dessert that will delight not only popcorn and ice cream lovers, but also those looking for a new twist on their classic desserts.