A great Rocher ice cream for lovers of the delicious ball

Christmas time is Rocher time. Almost everyone loves Ferrero's golden balls. Crunchy chocolate combined with a crispier waffle. The whole thing then filled with nut nougat cream and a roasted hazelnut. This is the stuff Christmas dreams are made of. I think it's great that these chocolates are only available at certain times of the year. It keeps its wonderful magic and you can look forward to it every year. In 2020 I made my first Rocher ice cream myself. Back then the idea was a smooth vanilla ice cream with a Rocher Variegato to combine. The result was a great ice cream variant that is very tasty and I needed a lot of positive feedback.

New ice cream variant newer ice cream enjoyment

This year I had the idea of ​​reinterpreting the Rocher Kugel as an ice cream recipe. For our Rocher Eis Deluxe I had the idea instead of one vanilla icecream, a delicious Nut nougat ice cream to use as the basis for this ice cream recipe. I have prepared the nut nougat ice cream in two versions for you. Variant one is with our nut nougat ice cream paste and the second is with a nut nougat. For the nut nougat variant, you should use a really high-quality nut nougat so that it can get intense.

Rocher Ice Cream Deluxe with Variegato - easy Perfecto

To make the Rocher an ice cream comes our delicious Rocher Variegato in this ice cream creation. Here you can find the recipe for it RocherVariegato. The combination of nut nougat ice cream and our homemade Rocher Variegato is just great. A really successful ice cream creation. Even my harshest critics, my two girls, are absolutely delighted. But my wife also thinks the ice cream is great. The ice cream is very creamy and thanks to our Perfecto Ice cream powder wonderful portioning. This Rocher ice cream is an absolute must for every fan of the golden ball. I wish you much joy with this nine creation.