Roccotello ice cream: An ice cream modeled on the popular praline

Welcome to the world of Rocotello ice cream 2.0. We already had a version of this Roccotelo ice cream, Back then, however, there was still no ice cream paste and only the Rocotello Variegato. The new variant 2.0 is now an even more authentic interpretation of the popular hazelnut praline in a golden dress, which is one of the patisserie's finest moments. Our Rocotello ice cream paste is the jewel of this ice cream creation. It gives every spoonful the full-bodied note of hazelnuts, rounded off with a seductive crunch.

A feast for the senses

With every scoop of our Rocotello ice cream, we invite you to a feast for the senses. The velvety-soft texture of the ice cream is reminiscent of festive moments of enjoyment and pampers your palate with a nutty intensity that is second to none.

Easy to prepare, perfect taste

Preparing this luxurious ice cream is incredibly easy. Start with our selected mix Eis-Perfecto, Perfecto-More and Bindemittel-Perfecto. Add sugar for the perfect sweetness and finish with fresh milk and cream. The Rocotello ice cream paste reveals its full flavor and is supported by a pinch of salt and optionally a shot cremosaPerfecto for further creaminess.

Luxury you can taste

You can enjoy your ice cream pure or in combination with ours RocotelloVariegato for an intensified praline experience. Every time the result is a dessert that promises elegance and perfect enjoyment. The Rocotello ice cream paste turns every scoop of ice cream into a luxurious experience. It makes your homemade ice cream the highlight of every gathering.

Exclusive enjoyment in your own kitchen

If you have the Rocotello Make ice yourself If you want to, you are creating an opportunity to offer yourself and your guests a first-class treat with an ice cream that, with its balance of chocolate and hazelnuts, its fine texture and its crunchy bite, becomes an unforgettable dessert.