SNICKA ice cream: The classic reinterpreted

Experience a taste revolution with our SNICKA ice cream paste, which combines the most popular candy components in a spectacular ice cream. This ice cream is an ode to the beloved peanut chocolate bar - a mix that has made taste buds dance for generations.

Delicacy meets craftsmanship

Our SNICKA ice cream paste is the key to a dessert that combines the nostalgia of snacking with the sophistication of craftsmanship. It captures the essence of the well-known classic snack. This becomes a creamy ice cream and takes you back to memories of carefree moments of enjoyment. This ice cream is a perfectly coordinated combination. The spicy bite of peanuts, sweet caramel and rich chocolate come together here and make your ice cream a culinary highlight.

An experience for the senses

With every scoop of SNICKA ice cream, a chapter full of sweet memories opens. The full-bodiedness of the chocolate, paired with the intense sweetness of the caramel and the unmistakable taste of roasted peanuts, is a pleasure that seduces young and old alike. Whether refined with a swirl of ours SNICKA Variegatos or the Toffee caramel Variegato – this ice cream promises a dessert experience in a class of its own.

Freedom in preparation

Preparing SNICKA ice cream is incredibly easy and still leaves room for individuality. Depending on your preference, you can control the intensity of the flavor by adjusting the amount of ice cream paste. This makes your homemade SNICKA ice cream an exclusive treat for every occasion, from a fine dinner to a happy children's party.

Unlimited creativity

The versatility of ours SNICKA ice cream paste makes experimenting fun. Combine them with ours Snicka Variegatos, add a portion of roasted peanuts or garnish with a sprinkling of our Toffee-Variegatos for an additional caramel note. Your SNICKA ice cream will not only be a taste experience, but also a visual highlight.

Imagine: A scoop of SNICKA ice cream, along with a scoop of each Rocher ice cream and ours Ice cream like Kinder Bueno, and you feel in ice heaven...