I love strawberry ice cream. Strawberry has always been one of my favorite ice cream flavors in every ice cream parlor. This great fruity eating pleasure made my heart beat faster. I probably got that from my father, he always loved strawberry ice cream and Stracciatella ice cream eaten. Those were great moments in my childhood when dad brought ice cream with him from the road. Childhood brandings sometimes last forever and I think that's a good thing.

The long way to the perfect strawberry ice cream

Since I've been making ice cream, I've of course also tried to create the perfect strawberry ice cream for me. I can tell you it wasn't easy to get the standard of creaminess and texture of an ice cream parlor at home. After all, the machines are at the start that can quickly cost € 15.000 and more. Of course, they have an advantage when it comes to technology. In return, we have the advantage that the cost of the ingredients is not a priority for us. We can only choose the best ingredients for our ice cream.

It is 5 years later Perfecto

Now I've tried dozens of variations and it quickly became clear to me that it definitely had to be without milk, otherwise it always tastes like strawberry milk. Even after a few conversations with ice cream makers, it was clear to me that fruit ice cream in the ice cream parlor is without milk, i.e. only water-based! But that didn't make it any easier. On the contrary, all water ices have never been so creamy and smooth. But after about 2 years and thanks to the correct balance sheet, it is with Eis-Perfecto now almost perfect for me. In terms of taste, it is definitely way ahead of the usual ice cream parlors. Still, I wasn't 100% satisfied. That has now thanks to the new Creamy for Perfecto Family changed. Now the strawberry ice cream is absolutely perfect and puts every ice cream parlor in the shade. I am happy to finally be able to share this great ice cream recipe with you. For me the best strawberry ice cream in the world!