TARO sponge cake ice cream: exotic meets homely

You've probably already tried one of our "cake ice cream recipes" such as: B. that Chocolate cake ice cream or Grandma's lemon cake ice cream. Now we have a new creation for you. With our TARO sponge cake ice cream, we invite you to discover a world full of fascinating colors. Maybe you already know taros from bubble teas and other delicacies? Here we combine this touch of exoticism with the homely warmth of a sponge cake in an ice cream.

A riot of colors in lilac

The highlight of this ice cream is its captivating lilac-colored look, which makes the TARO sponge cake ice cream a real eye-catcher. But it's not just the look that seduces - the aroma of this ice cream will remind you of a freshly baked sponge cake, while the TARO, the purple sweet potato, is responsible for the spectacular color.

Juicy sponge cake and creamy dreams

The combination of the hint of sweetness of taro root and the buttery taste of a moist sponge cake creates a taste experience that combines slightly nutty nuances with creamy finesse. An ice cream that is as unique as its origin and yet still conveys the familiar feeling of home.

Simplicity meets versatility

Preparing the TARO sponge cake ice cream is as simple as it is ingenious. The TARO ice cream paste blends effortlessly into the base and can be combined with our versatile for added sophistication Variegatos combine. The result is a dessert that sets standards both visually and culinary and will delight every ice cream lover.

A homage to the trends of Asia and the classics at home

Experience a homage to the popular Asian trend with every spoonful of our new ice cream, enhanced by the sweet familiarity of a sponge cake. This ice cream is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also an invitation to explore the secret of TARO in your own kitchen.