Everything banana, or what?

I made a virtue out of necessity, that's how this ice cream came about. How do I mean that? I'll tell you. When I was looking in our supply area recently, I noticed quite brown bananas. They actually taste best in terms of sweetness, but as is well known, they are also good for the eyes. And none of us would have eaten the brown bananas. My wife wanted to make a banana milk out of it, but I had the idea to make a banana ice cream out of it. Yes, that's how it was in the beginning. Just a banana ice cream I thought? That's better. And that's the result, may I present... my new ice cream creation: Toffee banana ice cream.

I don't want to praise myself too much, but the toffee banana ice cream is so delicious. I had the brown bananas anyway and they had to be used up. They still found their calling in the ice. And it also has something to do with sustainability. And with the toffee in it...mmmhhh.

Toffee banana ice cream - how it works:

As a base I added the banana ice cream with caramel. There I have the delicious Toffee caramel Variegato layered. Sometimes I give that Variegato add some more cream to make it creamier so it spreads better in the ice cream. I didn't add cream to this recipe because — I wanted an ice cream, with firm toffee chunks, with a bit of a bite. I have this time Variegato placed in warm water. With this trick, we do that Variegato beautifully soft and flowable. This makes it super easy to layer into the ice cream with a spoon. Unfortunately, you can't strudel it, because the caramel becomes tough again very quickly. But that doesn't matter with this recipe, because we just put the next layer of ice on top. This has the effect that we later have nice pieces of caramel when portioning.


As an alternative to the finished toffee caramelVariegato, can you the Cream and caramel cream also do it yourself. I also have a recipe for you.

You can see my enthusiasm for this fabulous ice cream, can't you?