A touch of Italy in your ice cream creation

I like our nut ice cream flavors like our unusual one  Walnut ice cream with crunch, Hazelnuteis Perfecto-X without sugar or that too Macadamia ice cream with salted caramel? If you feel the same, then this new ice cream creation will delight you too. Our new ice cream is based on the traditional Italian sweet “torrone”, a type of nougat made from honey, sugar, egg whites and chopped almonds. Maybe “white nougat” is more of a term, so I only knew it by that name. We use our new one for this delicious ice cream Torroncino ice cream paste, which captures the characteristic taste of white nougat and creates a creamy ice cream base.

What is Torroncino?

The term comes from “torrone,” a variation of the classic Italian white nougat. It is traditionally enjoyed more during the Christmas season in Italy and is characterized by its soft, chewy bite and rich almond flavor. The Torroncino variant is particularly known for its creamy texture, which makes it ideal for ice cream making. Of course, the ice cream is not just tasty at Christmas, but all year round!

Ingredients and preparation

We basically start with that Basic ice cream recipe with Movito ice cream pastes, i.e. with a base from the Eis-Perfecto Ingredients, whole milk and cream, enriched with Movito's Torroncino ice cream paste, which delivers the nutty sweetness and rich flavor of the traditional torrone. We complement this base with a selection of optional ingredients such as roasted pistachios or hazelnuts, which are added before freezing to give the ice cream that irresistible crunch.

The preparation is uncomplicated and also suitable for beginners, whether with or without an ice cream maker.

Conclusion: Why try Torroncino ice cream?

Torroncino ice cream is not only a cool refreshment on hot days, but also a tasty dessert that is sure to impress your family and friends. It is wonderfully traditional because of the typical taste of Italian sweets, but still comes across as very modern as ice cream. You definitely have to try this!!!

Are you interested in the origins of this specialty? Then you can find out more about it here  Torrone.

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