Everything tutti, or frutti?

The older generation still know Tutti Frutti from the TV show. For me, however, the memory of Tutti Frutti lies in my youth. Because in the ice cream parlor with us, there was Tutti Frutti ice cream and I can't remember the taste 100%, but I can remember that I thought it was great at the time. The last time I suddenly had this ice cream in my head again, I have no idea how I came up with it - but I was in the mood for this ice cream. So I tinkered for a long time and tried to recreate the ice.

Done - tutti frutti ice cream

Now the time has finally come and my tutti frutti ice cream is ready. Here I present two versions. One version is milkier and the other version is fruitier. Basically, both versions are similar. Both versions are featured here because I just can't decide which is the better version.

The ice base

The basis for the Tutti Frutti ice cream is milk ice cream with peach and pineapple. To give it a little more character, I added a touch of ours Stracciatella ice cream paste used. You can counter the stracciatella ice cream paste Vanilla ice cream paste To deceive. Or you can make Tutti Frutti ice cream without ice cream paste - with the stracciatella ice cream paste giving the ice cream that special flair. In order to get a great fruit flavor, I decided to use canned fruit. The pickled fruits often taste more aromatic than fresh fruits, so peaches in particular have more punch. For the pineapple, I decided on a special pineapple because the pineapple from the company "del Monte" tastes best for my taste. They cost a little more, but it's worth investing a little more. The pineapples from the company "del Monte" are without sugar and pickled in pineapple juice. So absolutely recommendable.

Later, candied fruits are added to the ice cream. For the tutti frutti ice cream I chose mango, kiwi, melon, papaya and pineapple. But that is purely a matter of taste. You can use whatever fruit you like best. Just try it and you will get a great exotic tutti frutti ice cream.