This chocolate ice cream recipe is super creamy. I made the chocolate ice cream with some condensed milk. Therefore it has an incomparably creamy enamel. A must for every chocolate ice cream lover. That also fits that very well Chocolate chips. Simply put 50-100g of this in the finished ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream recipe - a dream

Who can say no to chocolate? And what a miracle: Chocolate ice cream is the most popular type of ice cream of all, ahead of vanilla and strawberry. Whether the classic variant, which is so wonderfully creamy and tender, whether the variant with chocolate chips that you can suck or bite with relish, or completely different chocolate ice cream creations - you have it in your own hand. If you want to make your own ice cream at home, then you have all options. From white chocolate to dark chocolate to chocolate ice cream with mint or orange - let your imagination run wild. So that you also know how to deal with Eis-Perfecto conjure up your personal ice cream, we have prepared a sophisticated chocolate ice cream recipe for you.

Chocolate ice cream recipe - this is how it always works

If you look at the basic chocolate ice cream recipe, you will notice that you need very few ingredients to make a delicious chocolate ice cream. By the way, it is at Eis-Perfecto It doesn't matter whether you use an ice cream machine or not, because our ice cream also works without it. So you don't have to buy one. The basis of every chocolate ice cream recipe are our ice cream powder, the binding agent and milk or cream. Then all that's missing is cocoa powder and you've got everything you need to create a creamy chocolate ice cream. And then of course you can get creative and add other ingredients to make your ice cream even tastier, more interesting or more unusual.

Chocolate ice cream recipe - achieve a lot with just a few ingredients

In our chocolate ice cream recipe, condensed milk is added in addition to whole milk, which makes the ice cream even creamier. If you don't want to use condensed milk, you can also use the same amount of milk and cream. Of course, sugar shouldn't be missing, after all, it should be really deliciously sweet. Add a pinch of salt and everything is mixed. Then put it in a cool place and let it mature and then freeze it in the ice cream maker or by hand. Try it out, create something yourself and let us know your recipe ideas.