Great Zuppa Inglese ice cream with chocolate

For today's ice cream recipe I used ours Zuppa English ice cream taken as templates. It is traditionally prepared with candied fruit. I think this variant with the candied fruits is sensationally delicious. I didn't know the ice cream at all and was really blown away. When I first prepared it in September of this year. Now, when I was looking for the right preparation for the Zuppa Inglese dessert, I also came across preparation variants with chocolate cream. I took this approach for my chocolate variant and used it to conjure up the Zuppa Inglese ice cream with chocolate. I think this ice cream will please many, since not everyone likes candied fruit like in the original. I'm also a fan of candied fruit, but I thought it went very well with the ice cream. But not everyone wants to risk the experiment. With the new chocolate variant, everyone who doesn't like candied fruit can now enjoy this great ice cream.

Biscuit pieces with Alchermes liqueur

Like the normal Zuppa Inglese, the recipe is prepared with pieces of sponge cake, which are traditionally coated with Alchermes liqueur (an Italian herbal liqueur). This liqueur has a great red color and gives the ice cream a nice visual touch. Alternatively, you can also use Marsala or rum. But this recipe is more about the red color than the alcohol. If you want to make the ice cream without alcohol, you can also top the biscuit pieces with a red Variegato spread: e.g. B. our raspberry Variegato. Because the eye eats with you.

It's all about the sauce!

To get the chocolate touch into the ice cream, you have 2 options. Chocolate chunks are not ideal as you want the chocolate to remain soft and creamy. That's why we use a chocolate sauce. You can do this yourself or ours chocolateVariegato Use Crema Cioccolato. Here you can find the recipe for the homemade chocolate sauce. Both variants are great and you get a wonderfully creamy ice cream that is a bit out of date. I think the ice cream is great and I wish you a lot of fun with ice cream.