Again and again the topic comes up, "Which ice cream machine is the right one"? With this post we would like to shed some light into the darkness. There are so many ways to make your own ice cream, and generally there is no right or wrong. Likewise, there is no such thing as the best ice cream machine. We think it's clear, there's still room for improvement ? and it is also a matter of taste.

But which ice machines and differences are there and which ice machine is the right one?

Battery ice machine

The cordless ice machine is the cheapest of the options. The devices are available from as little as 30 euros. Here a cooling container is used to cool down the ice mass. Such rechargeable batteries are also available as a supplement to food processors such as KitchenAid etc. This cold pack container must be frozen in the freezer for 24-48 hours. Then you can use it to make ice cream. You have to make compromises with the result, since the ice is often not 100% ready before the battery reaches its cooling capacity 1 deposit casino loses. You can only make one type of ice cream and then the battery has to be frozen again. If you are unsure about making ice cream, here is an inexpensive entry into the world of ice cream making. In the long run, however, it is worth switching to a compressor ice machine.

Household ice cream machine with compressor

These devices have their own compressor, which constantly provides sufficient cooling. This enables you to quickly make a few types of ice cream in a row. These machines work according to the following principle: By constant stirring while cooling, the ice crystals that form remain relatively small and a nice, creamy ice cream is created. The preparation time is around 50-70 minutes. The agitator arms are usually made of plastic. These can be taken out together with the cooling container and simply cleaned in the dishwasher. The ice cream results of the devices are good and the price-performance ratio is great. The devices are available for around € 200-300. There are many manufacturers such as Unold, Springlane, Medion, Caso, etc. Most of the time, the same devices with slightly different optics are behind them. Our recommendation here are the ice machines of the Unold Profi / Exclusive or Unold Gusto class. Both devices are also comparable from Springlane, Medion, Caso, but only under different names. Here you can compare the optics, the number of liters and the wattage to see which devices are comparable. Because there are often big differences in price.

Gastro ice cream machines with compressor

The difference of this ice maker to the household ice maker lies in the end result of the ice quality. The more powerful motor and design make the ice texture even smoother. These machines have a metal agitator and no removable cooling bowl. The ice is not only stirred, but a layer of ice forms in the cooling trough, from which the stirring arm removes fine layers. This way we get even smaller ice crystals than with the household ice cream machine and the ice is velvety and creamy. Due to the somewhat stronger compressor performance, these devices are faster in freezing ice. The preparation time is about 20-30 minutes. In terms of price, you have to reckon with upwards of 650 euros. Our recommendation are the devices from Musso or Cube. You can find a test report for both devices here. Musso versus Cube – Which is the better ice cream machine


In household ice machines, the size of liters is usually spoken of. But this usually means how much volume the ice container has. The devices should only be filled with around 50% of it. So if you buy a machine with 1,5 liters, you should fill it with around 0,75 liters. You can find more information at FAQ . In the case of gastro ice cream machines, one speaks of a maximum filling, i.e. how much can be put in at the maximum.

Often the question comes up what is die right ice machine size for me!

This depends on the amount of finished ice cream you want for each run and it depends on how much ice cream you and your family are eating. Here is a small list of which machine prepares how much:

Now the question arises, which ice cream machine is the right one? Here we have shown you the various ice cream machines and each one has its right to exist. There are many options and everyone should decide according to their personal needs. Of course, the gastro devices have a small advantage, but also their price. After all, you can also be very happy with a household ice cream maker. Ultimately, all the options mentioned do their job and a ??? Perfecto Ice cream ???

Icy greetings,
your Eis-Perfecto-Team