This walnut ice cream recipe is awesome. It is the most delicious walnut ice cream I know. It is so easy to prepare. It becomes very creamy and has an intense taste. The walnut ice cream recipe tastes like walnut. The caramelized walnuts give the final whistle.

For the ice cream, you need a walnut paste and caramelized walnuts.
You can find the recipes here:
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Caramelized walnuts: / recipes / caramelized-nuts /

Walnut ice cream recipe - try something different

There are conventional types of ice cream, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or lemon. There are very unusual types of ice cream, such as matcha ice cream, cardamom ice cream or basil ice cream. And there are types of ice cream that you know and have perhaps tried before, but which not every ice cream parlor offers. For example, a walnut ice cream. If you feel like it again, then just make your own ice cream. This way you can always create exactly the kind of ice cream you feel like at the moment. And so that this also works perfectly at home, we offer you Eis-Perfecto not only the basis for creamy ice cream like from the ice cream parlor, but with ours Walnut ice cream recipe also a foolproof way to make your own ice cream.

Walnut ice cream recipe - that's what you need for it

Let's take a look at ours Walnut ice cream recipe. There we see that we are for walnut not really need much. First of all, of course, ours Eis-Perfecto and binderso that the ice cream turns out perfectly. Then of course milk and sugar. To round it off, maple syrup and walnut paste, and finally a pinch of salt. If you like, you can top it all off and add something to crunch, namely caramelized, chopped walnuts. That was all the ingredients in ours Walnut ice cream recipe. Although this is only a suggestion, because you can decide for yourself what goes in - so be creative!

Walnut ice cream recipe - in a few steps to delicious ice cream

First all the dry ingredients are mixed. Then the rest are added and mixed for two minutes. Now everything in the refrigerator for half an hour and then in the freezer. At -18 degrees, the ice cream stays there for 24 hours and can then be enjoyed. By the way, you can freeze the ice with the ice cream machine as well as with the hand method. Best of all though, it's thanks Eis-Perfecto always stays nice and creamy. Just like you know it from the ice cream parlor.