Creamy and delicious ice cream dream

Would you like a nut nougat ice cream? Who doesn't love the tender melt of nut nougat! With all the sweet and delicious ones there is, nut nougat is certainly one of the most popular delights today. Whether as pralines, chocolate or as a spread on bread. The combination of hazelnut and chocolate or cocoa is simply unbeatable delicious.

Nut nougat also as ice cream

There are many ways to make a nut nougat ice cream. We have in our Ice cream recipes blog Variants with Nutella or with nut nougat. This is what I'm using for this recipe Nut and nougat ice cream paste from our Ice cream ingredients shop. This has the advantage of being specially designed for use in ice. Normal nut nougat products are intended for direct enjoyment. Diluted with milk etc. in the ice, they lose their intensity and have to be dosed significantly higher to compensate for this. Which is not always ideal for perfect creaminess in the ice cream. Due to the higher dry matter content, but also the higher fat content, these types of ice cream tend to have a lower markup and tend to be a bit firmer at home in the freezer and cannot be portioned that well!

Perfect gelato

The ice cream, on the other hand, is very intense. More heavily roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont and an intense cocoa note ensure the perfect nut-nougat taste and a wonderfully creamy gelato in the ice cream. This nut nougat ice cream tastes wonderful to me and I am sure that it will also serve as a basis for others Ice cream recipes to serve. I wish you a lot of fun after Eiseln and I look forward to your feedback.