Fruit gum flash ice cream: childhood in a ball

Do you remember the sweet taste of marshmallows or fruit gum that made childhood days unforgettable? The Marshmallow ice cream We've already introduced it here, today it's the turn of the fruit gum: Our fruit gum flash ice cream also captures that childhood feeling and brings it back in an ice-cold, delicious form. We have made every effort to create an ice cream that not only makes children's hearts beat faster.

Sweet nostalgia with a modern twist

The Flash ice cream paste gives this unique ice cream its characteristic taste - a taste that will take you straight back to the happy days of your childhood. The paste we also call Variegato Use, ensures intense fruit gum notes that mix wonderfully with the creamy base of the ice cream. The soft pink color with the wonderful marbling makes every portion a colorful experience. The highlight are the shimmering glitter particles that make the ice cream look particularly elegant.

A feast for the eyes and the palate

If you do this Make ice cream separately memories from your childhood will almost certainly come to life. It is a celebration that impresses with its play of color, shimmer and texture. Once you try a spoonful of this delicious ice cream, you'll understand why we're so proud of it. It's the perfect balance between sweet and refreshing, between childhood memories and adult enjoyment.

The heart of our ice cream creations

The fruit gum flash ice cream is a promise of fun and happiness, a dessert that always puts a smile on your face - whether as a special reward or as a sweet surprise.