A refreshing ice cream flavored with lemon ice tea

Welcome to a new taste experience! Introducing our delicious Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream that captures the invigorating character of a chilled Lemon Iced Tea. This unique ice cream invites you to experience the refreshing pleasure of a popular summer drink in a delicious ice cream. Let yourself be seduced by the sparkling citrus note and the gentle tea aroma. Enjoy a refreshing cool down that reminds you of sunny days.

Lemon meets exquisite tea note

The best part about this unique ice cream recipe? The wonderfully light taste of lemon and tea! It awakens memories of carefree childhood days and creates a pleasant feeling of security. This refreshing Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream is no ordinary Lemon sorbet. It is a taste explosion that convinces both young and old. The carefully selected ingredients and our Perfecto-Cremosa give the ice cream a light citrus kick in addition to the fruity creaminess. This is crowned by an incomparable note of exquisite tea. It is a truly harmonious interplay of lemon and tea.

Give your ice cream the personal touch

You also have the option of making lemon ice tea ice cream even more appealing with a wide variety of decorations. Before serving, you can garnish with fresh lemon slices. For an extra touch of freshness and color you can use a Raspberry or strawberryVariegato slip into the ice. Create your own unique sundae.

A refreshment for every occasion

Whether you enjoy it on its own or as a combo with other treats, Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream will undoubtedly be a highlight in your sundae. It's easy to prepare. It also goes well with many other types of ice cream. This makes our lemon ice tea ice cream a wonderful addition to a colorful ice cream cup. The delicious lemon ice tea ice cream is the perfect treat for hot summer days, which accompanies you through every heat wave and gives you a delicious cool down.


Refreshing Lemon Iced Tea Ice Cream is a must for anyone who loves the taste of lemon! It's perfect for anyone who likes a fruity and refreshing ice cream. The unique combination of subtle lemon and exquisite tea gives the ice cream a great taste. Dare to make this delicious lemon ice tea ice cream yourself and be enchanted by its freshness in the form of lemon and tea!