Amarena cherry fruit ice cream: A summery dream in pink

It doesn't always have to be just milk ice cream! Get ready for an explosion of the senses with our new Amarena cherry fruit ice cream! This ice cream is the perfect symbiosis of the sweetness of Amarena cherries and the refreshing coolness of fruit ice cream. With the Perfecto-Minus and that Sorbet-Perfecto We created this great ice cream as a secret weapon. It not only impresses with its intense pink color, but also with an aroma that makes you dream of sunny summer days.

The basis: perfection meets freshness

Our base Perfecto-Minus provides a smooth, crystal-free texture while Sorbet-Perfecto in connection with the Amarena cherry ice cream paste Movito puts the refreshing fruitiness of the cherries in the foreground. We make sure to use only the best ingredients to conjure up fruit ice cream that will tempt you anew with every scoop.

The taste: Intense and unforgettable

With the first spoonful you will be enveloped by the deep flavor of the Amarena cherry that comes through Sorbet-Perfecto becomes an irresistible refreshment. The swirled Amarena cherry Variegato gives the cherry enjoyment even more depth. The Amarena cherry fruit ice cream is not only a pleasure for hot days, but also a sensual delicacy that tempts at any time of the year.

Moment of enjoyment: love at first bite

Whether as a dessert after a hearty meal or as a sweet refreshment in between – our Amarena cherry fruit ice cream is always a good choice. Let yourself be seduced by this irresistible taste experience and enjoy every spoonful with abandon. Try it out and experience how high-quality ingredients and passionate craftsmanship create an ice cream dream that is second to none!

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