The fruity and sparkling lilac fairy ice cream

Today I absolutely have to introduce you to my latest ice cream creation - the sparkling lilac fairy ice cream! With our magic Lilac fairy ice cream paste and ours Perfecto-Ice Powder I conjured up another new creation. The ice cream has a great purple color and is a delight for young and old.

Taste explosion: fruity and flowery at the same time

The best thing about this fruity ice cream recipe? The fruity and floral taste! Some even claim it tastes similar to famous Bum Bum ice cream, but I think it's even better! The purple ice cream has an incredibly refreshing and tangy note that will rob everyone's senses. The lilac fairy ice cream paste provides this great taste and gives the ice cream its magical purple color. It's so pretty to look at that you almost don't want to snack on it. But don't worry, the sweet desire will inevitably come over you!

Magical embellishments

You can embellish the ice cream even further by adding colored sugar sprinkles, unicorns or colored sugar pearls before serving or a raspberry or strawberryVariegato trickle in.

As always, the ice cream recipe is wonderful to portion and a great addition to a colorful sundae. Whether you enjoy it alone or with other treats, it's sure to be a highlight in any sundae. The sparkling lilac fairy ice cream is the ultimate summer hit that will accompany you through every heat wave.

Conclusion Sparkling Lilac Fairy Ice Cream: Definitely try it!

The ice cream is a treat for everyone who likes fruity and crazy ice cream creations. The preparation is simple, the possibilities for decoration are limitless and the taste is unforgettable. Try it yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the sparkling combination of fruity and floral taste, creamy consistency and purple color!