Chocolate biscuit ice cream

I have a particularly delicious treat for you. Namely our chocolate biscuit ice cream. It's easy to prepare and in no time at all you'll have conjured up a delicious chocolate biscuit-tasting ice cream yourself. The basis is our popular butter biscuit ice cream. This time we're not going to have our shortbread with the ice cream Variegato, but that chocolate biscuit Variegato. The chocolate biscuit Variegato is a whole milky one Variegato, which is not too bitter in taste. The highlight of this ice cream variant is that the chocolate biscuit Variegato contained biscuits remain crispy and do not become mushy. So it is also nice and crunchy when licking. The ice cream is wonderfully creamy, with a delicious butter biscuit taste and the wonderfully crispy chocolate biscuit pieces.
A hit for young and old.

A popular ice cream

You can also find Butterkeks ice cream in ice cream parlors. But with our recipe you can easily conjure up your own ice cream. Please take a look below, there you will find all the ingredients for the chocolate biscuit ice cream. One with sugar and one without sugar. You can choose one or the other variant. I have also indicated the individual steps, they can also be found below. The recipe is similar to our cookie ice cream. At the cookie Variegato the taste goes more in the fine direction - nut nougat. With the chocolate biscuit ice cream you taste the delicious full-bodied chocolate with crispy biscuits. Chocolate ice cream everyone knows, but also the chocolate biscuit ice cream???

A special treat for you and your loved ones.

You can also use our ice cream Crema Cioccolato,- or Cream NoisetteOr Cookie Variegato refine. Just try what you like best.

Need help slipping in?

Here I also have something for you and I made a video on this topic. do here Click