Cherry Brownie Ice Cream: A fruity, creamy dream with a chocolate kick

Imagine how a velvety white ice cream base meets the intense sweetness of stracciatella paste and the warm undertones of vanilla essence. The cherry brownie ice cream is exactly this tempting mixture that will delight every sweet tooth. With its creamy consistency and rich taste, every spoonful becomes a little celebration.

Brownies and cherries: a pair that tastes good

What would a cherry brownie ice cream be without its protagonists? For the ultimate enjoyment you give homemade fudge brownies – cut into small pieces and frozen under the ice cream base. The highlight is our versatile kirschvariegato. You can either get this from our shop (sour cherryVariegato or Amarena Kirsh Variegato) Or according to our recipe create yourself. The sour cherry brings a fruity-tart note that harmonizes perfectly with the sweetness of the brownies.

The final touch: chocolate in its most beautiful form

Shortly before the end of the mixing process, we add the liquid chocolate to the ice cream, which then forms wonderfully crunchy chocolate in the ice cream. The short-term mixing creates “chocolate threads” that run through the ice cream and ensure a crunchy taste experience. When layering in the container, the cherry is also addedVariegato (either homemade according to our recipe, sour cherryVariegato or Amarena Kirsh Variegato) incorporated, which not only sets a highlight in terms of taste but also visually.

Conclusion: A perfect combination of chocolate & fruit

The cherry brownie ice cream is not just a dessert. It combines tradition with modern twists and offers you a perfect balance of creaminess, crunch and the sweet temptation of cherries and chocolate. Try it and let every bite take you into a world of pleasure.