Wäller apple ice cream: A homage to the Westerwald in every scoop

In my picturesque Westerwald ice cream kitchen, where the rolling hills and lush forests form my daily backdrop, inspiration from my local region continues to blossom. Today I would like to introduce you to a very special creation that is inspired by the Westerwald nature and regional delights - the Wäller apple ice cream. 🍏

An idea from the region refined for your enjoyment

The original version of this tempting ice cream treat comes from a local ice cream factory in the Westerwald. I was immediately excited by the idea of ​​turning our region's rich apple harvests into delicious ice cream. But I wanted more than just excitement, I wanted to create a truly creamy treat. So I set out to create my own version of Wäller apple ice cream. 🍦

Vanilla ice cream with that certain something

The basis of this unique ice cream adventure is our creamy Vanilla ice cream “La Gelateria”, which is perfectly spiced up with our delicious apple pie ice cream paste or fresh, regional apple juice. The result is apple ice cream that has the taste of the Westerwald in every scoop. But that's not all! To give the ice cream a distinctive touch, I gently add rum or Malaga raisins Add soaked, golden brown Madeleine cake pieces. And to top it off there is a delicious one Apple Cake Variegato from our shop or the homemade apple pie Variegatothat runs through the ice. The result? A taste experience that is guaranteed to enchant you. 😍

Conclusion: an ice cream treat from the Westerwald

The Wäller apple ice cream is a homage to the treasures of our region, combined in a delicious treat that I would like to share with you. With every spoonful you can taste the Westerwald - the crisp apples, the delicate taste of homemade apple pie and the unique aroma of our region. Look forward to trying this delicacy! 🌳