Chocolate Intense Ice Cream: A chocolate experience in a class of its own

For all chocolate enthusiasts among you, I have a real highlight today: my new Chocolate Intense ice cream. This ice cream breaks all the norms of our classic ice cream creations and pays homage to the intense flavors of Belgian chocolate. Here we don't use any of ours Movito ice cream pastes, but a pretty extraordinary amount of real chocolate!!!

Chocolate abundance in every spoonful

Andreas, our ice cream man with a flair for the experimental, was inspired by the deep, rich flavors of Belgian chocolate pralines and decided to recreate the experience in ice cream form. With a daring 350g of chocolate per kilogram of ice cream base, this recipe definitely differs from our previous estimates Chocolate ice cream flavors .

The scientific touch: Why more cocoa?

But what makes this ice cream so particularly solid and rich? There are two key factors: the cocoa content and the cocoa butter. Cocoa affects the ice cream's ability to hold air, which is essential for creaminess, while cocoa butter thickens the texture. We specifically use this knowledge here to create an ice cream that is denser but has an unsurpassed chocolate taste.

The result: an incomparable pleasure

The “Chocolate Intense” ice cream is a declaration of love for chocolate. It may be less airy than our other ice cream creations, but that's a small price to pay for the intensity it offers. The compactness is part of the charm - it's an ice cream that shows its quality and depth in every bite, captivating you with its richness.

So, if you are a true chocolate lover and looking for an ice cream that will satisfy your craving for a deep, rich and intense chocolate taste, then Chocolate Intense is for you. Look forward to ice cream so chocolaty that every spoonful tastes like a piece of praline!