Cookie Dough Ice Cream a la Eismann: A classic reinterpreted

You like ours Cookie ice cream? Then rejoice, cookie lovers and ice cream connoisseurs! Today I'm bringing back a true classic, but with a twist that will make your taste buds rejoice: My very own Cookie Dough ice cream. Inspired by Ben & Jerry's legendary creations, I added my own personal touch to this popular dessert.

The base: Not just vanilla

Unlike the traditional vanilla base often used in cookie dough ice cream, I chose a cookie ice cream base with the Ice cream cookie paste decided. This decision highlights the distinctive flavor of the cookie dough and ensures a more intense cookie experience with every spoonful.

The highlight: liquid chocolate and cookie dough pieces

What would cookie dough ice cream be without the essential cookie dough pieces? For the ultimate explosion of enjoyment, I added homemade cookie dough pieces that are carefully incorporated into the ice cream. To top it all off, add liquid chocolate, similar to that Stracciatella technique, which leaves crunchy chocolate layers in the ice cream when it freezes.

A real pleasure

The result is a fantastic ice cream that exceeds every expectation. The combination of creamy cookie ice cream, rich cookie dough pieces and crunchy chocolate creates an unforgettable taste experience that delights at any time of the year. It is a tribute to attention to detail and the joy of experimenting in the kitchen.

Conclusion: A must for ice cream fans

Whether you are a self-confessed cookie dough lover or just looking for the next ice cream highlight, my cookie dough ice cream is an absolute must. It combines everything you can love about ice cream: creaminess, crunch and the incomparable taste of freshly baked cookies. Prepare to experience this masterpiece for yourself and let every spoon take you into a world of pleasure!