White chocolate ice cream meets hazelnut – a dreamy duo is created

Do you like white chocolate ice cream? Like e.g. B. ours quick white chocolate ice cream? ! Then you will also like this Make ice yourself, namely the “white chocolate ice cream meets hazelnut”. This variety is an ode to all chocolate lovers who appreciate the combination of nutty flavors and creamy sweetness.

A symphony of the finest white chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

Our ice cream man Andreas has once again created something very special in his ice cream kitchen: Our white chocolate ice cream meets hazelnut combines delicately melting white chocolate coating with the nutty aroma of roasted hazelnuts. The white couverture and ours Perfecto-Plus powder Not only do they give the ice cream structure and creaminess. They also deliver an irresistibly smooth melt. The icing on the cake is our creamy ice cream crema milk-hazelnut Variegato!

Crunchy components for that special something

To add an additional component, we add crispy waffle pieces and roasted hazelnut pieces to it Variegato added. This is how to combine this nutty and crunchy Variegato with the creaminess of the ice cream. These fine pieces provide a surprising crackle with every spoonful. The chopped, roasted hazelnuts complement the creaminess with their crunchy bite and intensify the nut experience.

Conclusion: The perfection of the taste with a hint of vanilla

For a well-rounded taste, we refine our ice cream with one of our Premium Bourbon vanilla paste from the shop, which takes the aroma to a new level. We also use our tried and tested Perfecto-Plus powder and Bindemittel-Perfecto. We combine the whole thing with rich whole milk - and get a wonderfully creamy ice cream with the crunch of waffles and hazelnuts that will melt away.